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What Are the Benefits of Eating Kale

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Kale?

The kale in the vegetable world isn’t sexy, and it’s not the artichoke or leek either. But there is some appeal about kale’s thick, almost rubbery leaves, ruffled and almost chewy as leather. The deep green color and the fact

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What is Baklava

All You Need to Know About Baklava

You may have seen baklava on the dessert menu at Greek and Turkish restaurants. This popular Mediterranean dessert has been around for thousands of years and has become a fixture of many cuisines. Across the world, people have created their

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What is Halva

What is Halva?

Halva is a Middle Eastern dessert made from sesame seed paste, sugar, spice, and nuts. You could compare it to fudge. Its crumbly, fluffy texture and semisweet, nutty taste make halva a unique, delightful treat. You can find it in

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What is Labneh Cheese

Labneh, Is It Cheese or Yogurt?

It’s neither because it’s a product of strained yogurt. Yogurt cheese is what we call it in the west, but it has Arabic origins. It is a Mediterranean creamy dip with a slightly sour taste, or what some call the

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Mediterranean Vegetarian Food

The History of Mediterranean Vegetarian Food

There is more to a Mediterranean meal than mere nourishment. Mediterranean cuisine has endured because it prioritizes leisure over food and socializing at dinners, two defining features of the Mediterranean lifestyle.    People still spend more time eating in the

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