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No time to tend your own herbs on the banks of a cerulean sea? No time to hull your own grains and contemplate the rhythms of civilization? No trouble at all. We harness the unhurried pleasures of the Mediterranean and serve them on a platter (topped with parsley). Earth, air, wind, and fire harmonize in our kitchens to turn out sumptuous sabich and rich shakshuka… We dole out ancient Mediterranean favorites to modern city-dwellers and freshness is our bedrock. Take the olive branch. Follow the bright scent of sumac and paprika to the place where the hummus is always creamy and the falafel is always crisp. Plant-based and never processed, our veggie-laden spreads and salads leave you feeling light. You can sit and savor any of our dishes. If you can’t, we’ve perfected the elemental combination wrapped in soft pita. Whisk it to your desk or conjure by delivery and enjoy the fertile crescent handheld.


88 Reade St, New York, NY 10013
(848) 294 1690

Open 7 days a week
11am – 10pm


41 John St, New York, NY 10038
(973) 319 8250

Open 7 days a week
Mon-Fri 11am – 10pm, Sat-Sun 11am – 8 pm