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Add A Little Nish Nush To Your Festive Catering in NYC

Preparing for the festive season can put a lot on your plate. Everybody loves the lights and the tinsel, but whether it’s a family gathering or the company Christmas party, putting an end-of-year bash together takes a lot of work. Food brings people together, but it can often be at the expense of the person who’s spent the whole day in the kitchen and is now too tired to enjoy the meal.


There’s no need to become a martyr to your menu at this time of year. Let go of the shoulds and oughts, and let yourself be merry and bright for a change. Even if you only outsource certain elements of your meal, it can help ease the load and give you a breather from the party-planning stress. Catering in NYC shouldn’t be a headache – which is where we come in.

Nish Nush’s catering service is here to lighten your load over the festive season and bring some Mediterranean flavor to any occasion.

Our Catering Credentials

You might be wondering why you should leave such an important meal in our hands. We’re here to reassure you with our years of expertise in catering for large parties and events, you’ll get all of our signature freshness, color, and flavor, all without lifting a finger. We’re passionate about our food, whether we’re serving it to you at our restaurant or creating mouth-watering platters for your end-of-year celebrations.


Food is an important part of any event, big or small. Whether it’s an intimate family gathering or the whole organization getting together, we believe it deserves to be done with passion and care. Catering for a big event takes a different approach to regular single-plate restaurant cooking, and we’ve got the chops (and the falafel and the shawarma). We know how to deliver the same exceptional service and food quality you know and love, even when it’s on a bigger scale.


Getting your event catered by a restaurant rather than a caterer might seem like an odd choice, but there are some serious advantages. For one thing, restaurants usually offer better value for money, and there’s no minimum number of guests before we’ll do business with you. Setting up your event menu with a caterer is also more complicated and time intensive, while with a restaurant, you can even try before you buy, and ordering is a breeze – especially when you’re getting platters straight off the menu.

Catering for Crowds: Dive Into Our Diverse Delicacies

Leaving aside our favorite sandwiches for a minute, our catering menu is a mouth-watering trip through some Eastern Mediterranean favorites. Brunch, lunch, or dinner wouldn’t be complete without our Hummus Platter, drizzled with paprika, parsley, and olive oil and perfect for dipping or spreading (cue the Pita Tray!). Paired with our Falafel Balls Platter – featuring our sensational falafel flavors – it’s a match made in flavor heaven. Your guests will be blown away by the classic falafel, but don’t sleep on our Nish Nush twists either: chili and roasted pepper and spinach and mushroom.


Our vibrant, made-for-crowds salad platters are also sure-fire winners. Choose from Greek, Israeli, Avocado, or Halloumi – or spoil yourself and your guests by getting one of each. How about the Chili Kale Salad, here to change minds about kale before you can say “Happy holidays!” Forget whatever you’ve heard about this healthy vegetable and dive into the ginger mint tahini dressing, so good you could swim in it. Over chopped kale, sautéed balsamic mushroom, shredded chili falafel, cherry tomatoes, and roasted sunflower seeds, it’s a winter winner.


If your festive friends and family have special dietary requirements, we’ll ensure they’re taken care of. We’ll help you build a menu that will make everyone feel included and part of the celebration. Our Mediterranean menu is extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly, not to mention great for a range of food intolerances and allergies. It’s no surprise that this cuisine is one of the most popular for a festive catering menu in NYC.

Stress-Free Hosting With Nish Nush’s Mediterranean Catering

Coordinating an event is a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a few friends gathering for dinner or an entire company coming together at the end of the year; so much planning and hard work goes into making it a special occasion for everyone. Getting your food catered and delivered is an easy way to alleviate a lot of the stress and hard work so you can enjoy the festivities. Leave it all to us with our effortless ordering process, flexible menus, and timely deliveries.


At Nish Nush, we’re all about making people happy through food. During the festive season – and at any time of year – family parties, corporate events, and celebrations give us an extra opportunity to do just that with our signature Mediterranean flavor, freshness, and flair. Catering your festive get-together has never been more painless. Give us a call or send us your order in a few clicks, and we’ll help you get your festive party started!